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Our Services

Welcome to V.I.P Window Cleaning, where we bring clarity and brilliance to every pane. Our range of professional window cleaning services is designed to elevate the appearance of your home or business, ensuring that your windows gleam with pristine clarity.

Residential Window Cleaning

From single-story homes to multi-level residences, we have the expertise and equipment to clean all windows, leaving them streak-free and crystal clear. Our team is meticulous in its approach, ensuring every window, including frames and sills, is thoroughly cleaned.


Commercial Window Cleaning

Impress your clients and employees with pristine windows that let the light shine through. Whether you own an office building, storefront, or restaurant, our commercial window cleaning services will keep your property looking its best.


High-Rise Window Cleaning

No window is too high for us to reach! Our trained professionals are equipped with the latest safety gear and techniques to clean windows in high-rise buildings safely and effectively.

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